Geoff Murfitt's lightning fast wit and dashing good looks consistently land him positions for which he is grossly under qualified and fantastically overpaid. A classically trained cellist turned bassist, Geoff's musical influences are almost as varied as the pained faces he makes while playing. Geoff's musical career started with a lie, when in the 3rd grade he claimed to know how to play the cello and landed himself his first gig with the Edward Smith Elementary School Orchestra. In the following years he went on to play with various youth orchestras and symphonies, until one glorious day in the early 90's when Geoff's nimble fingers were introduced to the fretboard of an old Rickenbacker in an event that can only be described as "The Beginning".

    Realizing that band geeks were slightly less geeky than orchestra geeks, Geoff had his mom drive him to a crossroads in the desert where he traded the cello, most of his hair, and any hope of a living wage for his first bass guitar. Amazingly, all of his cello training translated quite nicely to the bass guitar, and within a very short time Geoff found himself playing in some quite prestigious (and some not so prestigious) venues up and down the eastern seaboard.

     Since "The Beginning", Geoff has been witty and good looking enough to record a few albums, tour, teach, and compete in the national ice dance championships. He has also had the opportunity to play with some pretty fantastic musicians, and he is eternally grateful for their guidance, patience, and poor judgement.

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